On Demand Streaming

On Demand Streaming

A reliable on-demand streaming service that puts you in control.

Hosted on our own content delivery network for the fastest and most reliable streaming experience, our on-demand platform plays your media instantly and stutter-free, without the delays associated with progressive download.
Our service goes beyond YouTube by offering detailed analysis of your audiences. We let you know the size, location and changing patterns of your viewers and listeners. We can help you build up a very detailed picture of your audience, as you’ve never seen it before.
We will stream your content, whatever format it’s in.  We can encode material for you and we also have relationships with partners that can transcode your content ‘in the cloud’.  If you prefer, we can help you encode your material yourselves.

What benefits are there

Looking Good


Detailed reporting on your content so you know what your audience likes and can make sure they get more of it. 

Easily Accessible


A dedicated account manager to keep you up to date and help grow your online presence.



Adaptive bitrate technology for a seamless user experience



Anti stream ripping technology to protect your content from illegal downloads

Use with confiedence

Use with confidence

A guarantee in service which includes trigger alarms at both ends.

Produce Reports

Custom Packages

Bespoke solutions to meet your needs.

Detailed Analysis

Revenue Creation

Accelerate your revenue by monetising your streams.

What our customers think

“The team at Sharpstream have been invaluable to us helping us migrate our streaming services to our new website and expand our online audio presence to 5 channels along with on-demand “listen again” services.  Their reliable servers and excellent support mean our listeners get a top-class experience.” Chief Engineer – Spectrum Radio

Did you know...

Internet streaming showcased its ability and popularity during coverage of the 2011 Royal Wedding, where in the UK alone concurrent viewers hit six figure numbers. 

We Provide You With...

At Sharpstream we have built our delivery systems to maintain a high standard whilst giving our clients excellent value for money, and because we’re format neutral you don’t have to worry about who is accessing your stream. We understand you not only need a reliable service –but you also you need information on what you’re actually paying for – how your audience is using your streaming service.

This is why we provide all of our clients with statistical information that gives you the edge.

We keep the technical jargon to an absolute minimum because we understand not everyone is a streaming expert. Setting up your streaming service with Sharpstream couldn’t be easier!

  • Enjoy simple step by step set up instructions
  • We will work closely with your IT departments
  • Employ optional geo-locking
  • A guarantee of full testing before going live
  • Optional feed alarms to notify you of any problems
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