Live Streaming

Live Streaming

A live streaming service that allows you to extend your reach globally and reliably...

We provide robust live encoding and on air streaming
services. Sharpstream gives media organisations an online channel that
closely mirrors a traditional broadcast service in quality and
availability. Our content delivery network is optimised to give users
fast, uninterrupted access. No matter what device they are using to
access your channel and no matter what their internet connection is,
Sharpstream will connect your audiences with your content. 

Our service goes beyond traditional broadcasting by offering detailed
analysis of your audiences. We let you know the size, location and
changing patterns of your viewers and listeners, live and over time. We
can help you build up a very detailed picture of your audience as never
before. Sharpstream will give you the data that your producers,
schedulers and advertisers need to make sure you are hitting the right

What benefits are there

Use with confiedence

Use with confidence

A guarantee in service which includes trigger alarms at both ends.

Looking Good


Detailed statistics of audience figures when you want them 24/7

Easily Accessible


Unrivalled support means you can reach us 24/7



Optional downlink and encode services to provide high quality cross platform streams.

Live Monitoring


Know what’s going on with your broadcast with real-time audience figures including extended API. 

Produce Reports

Custom Packages

Bespoke solutions to meet your needs.

Detailed Analysis

Revenue Creation

Accelerate your revenue by monetising your streams.



Anti stream ripping technology to protect your live broadcast

What our customers think...

“Sharpstream have proved themselves to be very focussed when it come to servicing its clients. Stream consumption is much on the increase and FRL needs to have a robust and reliable service. Sharpstream’s customer service is especially good; we feel professionally supported and valued as a client.” CEO – French London Radio

Did you know...

In 2008 Sharpstream helped to achieve a World Record, thousands of children across the UK took part in ‘The Big Sing’ and Sharpstream were there to link them all together through internet streaming. 

We Provide You With...

At Sharpstream we have built our delivery systems to maintain a high standard whilst giving our clients excellent value for money, and because we’re format neutral you don’t have to worry about who is accessing your stream. We understand you not only need a reliable service –but you also you need information on what you’re actually paying for – how your audience is using your streaming service.

This is why we provide all of our clients with statistical information that gives you the edge.

We keep the technical jargon to an absolute minimum because we understand not everyone is a streaming expert. Setting up your streaming service with Sharpstream couldn’t be easier!

  • Enjoy simple step by step set up instructions
  • We will work closely with your IT departments
  • Employ optional geo-locking
  • A guarantee of full testing before going live
  • Optional feed alarms to notify you of any problems
Live Streaming