Omnia A/XE

Omnia A/XE

Software Audio to IP Streaming Encoder and Signal Processor

The Omnia A/XE is Sharpstream’s number one selling audio encoder, utilising Omnia’s processing for cleaner, clearer streams makes this a great piece of software. 
A key to the popularity of the A/XE its ability to process and encode multiple streams in various formats simultaneously, in both MP3 and AAC – ideal for the provision of mobile and app streams. 
The A/XE runs in the background as a Windows service with built-in a scheduler to allow streams to be started and stopped at specific times. Alternatively the software can be fully-managed and configured remotely with a web browser.
Sharpstream can provide custom built encoding units to run the A/XE software. These units are high performance with professional soundcards built by engineers who know audio encoding and streaming in and out. Built to budget or spec and delivered ready to go.

What benefits are there

Looking Good

Multiple Outputs 

You can create multiple outputs off a single feed in combinations of MP3 or AAC

Produce Reports


A built-in scheduler to allow streams to be started and stopped at specific times.


Out of the box operation

Although not actually in a box and available via download the Omnia A/XE is quick to set up and very easy to use.


Tested and approved

All software and hardware recommended by Sharpstream has been rigorously tested to mirror a live environment.

Expert Opinion...

‘With the AX/E Omnia have drawn on their years of experience in the radio industry to produce more than just an encoder, it’s a full tri-band audio processor as well! Combining an intuitive user interface, a great sound and fantastic value for money makes this the encoder of choice for any radio station wanting to stream on the Internet’. Sharpstream Director, Alan Brown

Customer Feedback...

‘The UK Radioplayer requested an AAC+ feed for their app, our current encoding solution was a hardware box that only allowed for mp3 output. Sharpstream recommended the Omnia A/XE as it let’s us do AAC+ and the multiple outputs means we can cover a bitrate for both a high and low quality version for the app’. Sharpstream radio client

We Provide You With...

At Sharpstream we have built our delivery systems to maintain a high standard whilst giving our clients excellent value for money, and because we’re format neutral you don’t have to worry about who is accessing your stream. We understand you not only need a reliable service –but you also you need information on what you’re actually paying for – how your audience is using your streaming service.

This is why we provide all of our clients with statistical information that gives you the edge.

We keep the technical jargon to an absolute minimum because we understand not everyone is a streaming expert. Setting up your streaming service with Sharpstream couldn’t be easier!

  • Enjoy simple step by step set up instructions
  • We will work closely with your IT departments
  • Employ optional geo-locking
  • A guarantee of full testing before going live
  • Optional feed alarms to notify you of any problems
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