Sonifex PS-SEND

Sonifex PS-SEND

PS-SEND Audio to IP Streaming Encoder

The Sonifex PS-SEND is a standalone audio hardware encoder. The small form factor is complemented by a high quality build and manufacture, making it one of Sharpstream’s recommended products.

The PS-SEND houses professional inputs and once an audio source is selected, the unit encodes the audio in real time, sending it to the Sharpstream CDN as an encoded stream.  

Sharpstream will pre configure units prior to delivery, so all you have to do is plug in and go. Should you need to make amendments all the configuration settings can be accessed via a local web-server built into it. 

For further information on the Sonifex PS-SEND contact Sharpstream using the ‘enquire now’ button over to the right. 

What benefits are there

Looking Good

Professional Inputs

Higher quality input gives a higher quality output. It’s that simple.

Produce Reports

Compact design

The compact size means you will save space at the studio or makes life easier if your studio moves with you.


Delivered pre configured

Sharpstream will pre configure the unit so when it’s delivered you can just plug in and go.


Tested and approved

All software and hardware recommended by Sharpstream has been rigorously tested to mirror a live environment.

Expert Opinion...

With the limited options in hardware audio encoding the Sonifex PS-SEND really stands out, great build quality, straight forward set up and reliable. Sharpstream’s Streaming Media Manager, Stuart Downton

Customer Feedback...

Running desktops to encode just didn’t make sense once we changed over to the Sonifex boxes. We have created notable saving on space and management of the encoding process. Sharpstream radio client

We Provide You With...

At Sharpstream we have built our delivery systems to maintain a high standard whilst giving our clients excellent value for money, and because we’re format neutral you don’t have to worry about who is accessing your stream. We understand you not only need a reliable service –but you also you need information on what you’re actually paying for – how your audience is using your streaming service.

This is why we provide all of our clients with statistical information that gives you the edge.

We keep the technical jargon to an absolute minimum because we understand not everyone is a streaming expert. Setting up your streaming service with Sharpstream couldn’t be easier!

  • Enjoy simple step by step set up instructions
  • We will work closely with your IT departments
  • Employ optional geo-locking
  • A guarantee of full testing before going live
  • Optional feed alarms to notify you of any problems
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