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A reliable streaming service that just works 100% of the time…

Sharpstream works with some of the most prestigious independent TV and radio stations. We provide robust live encoding and on air streaming services.  Sharpstream gives media organisations an online channel that closely mirrors a traditional broadcast service in quality and availability.  Our content delivery network is optimised to give users fast, uninterrupted access.   No matter what device they are using to access your channel and no matter what their internet connection is, Sharpstream will connect your audiences with your content.

Our service goes beyond traditional broadcasting by offering detailed analysis of your audiences. We let you know the size, location and changing patterns of your viewers and listeners, live and over time. We can help you build up a very detailed picture of your audience as never before. Sharpstream will give you the data that your producers, schedulers and advertisers need to make sure you are hitting the right audience.

The Benefits of using Sharpstream

A service that won’t let you down

Our passion is to provide a robust service.  So we offer you real-time stream monitoring as standard so you always know you’re on the air.

High quality media

Our service can support any typical resolution and bitrate.  The only real limit is the bandwidth of your users.  HD video, CD-quality audio… it’s all within reach.

Know your audience to increase your revenues

Our state-of-the-art audience monitoring & analysis system gives you a full picture of your audience.  Find out how many people tune in, when, for how long, where from, using what device…

Generate income from your stream

We offer a number of unintrusive advertising solutions to help you monetize your content, including pre-roll and post-roll advertisements and discreet banner promotions.

Choose your audience

If your media is country-specific or if you have rights to certain territories, we can geo-lock your content according to your instructions.

Player Independence

However and wherever your customers log on to your channel, we will deliver your stream to them.  We can serve iPhones, Androids, PCs, MACs, iPads, tablets, using Flash, WMV, H.264, MP3…

We provide you with…

Sharpstream will provide you with a reliable, fast service.  It will be tailored precisely to your needs.  We will advise you on all the options for encoding and optimising content.  You will know who is accessing your stream and have full reporting of live and historic audience figures.

We strive to achieve this by working with you as a partner, not as a supplier.  We aim not to deluge you with technical jargon (unless you want it!).  And we endeavour to bring you innovation only when it benefits you and your audiences.

Our approach is shared with broadcasting.

  • We demand 100% uptime
  • We demand a glitch-free stream
  • We insist on audience experience first
  • We object to theft of your content
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