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Sharpstream is a dynamic team of streaming specialists with a background that combines the worlds of broadcast and IT.

Our mission is to enable our customers to deliver audio and video over the Internet reliably, cost-effectively and at the highest possible quality.

Sharpstream prides itself on its integrity and aims to be highly responsive to its clients’ needs whether the customer is a multi-national organisation or a small production company.  To live up to these aims Sharpstream only undertakes projects that it can fulfil; we only promise what we can deliver and always strive to deliver what we promise.

You will find us approachable, accommodating and generally great people to do business with. To date this approach has served us well and we have customers ranging from national radio broadcasters and TV stations to churches, live events and universities.

The founders of Sharpstream have been in business together in the broadcast world for over 30 years and have been streaming for more than a decade.

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